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About IDIS

IDIS – Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social (Institute for the Development of Social Investment) is a civil society organization committed to social development. Through the promotion and structuring of private social investment, IDIS seeks to systematize different models of social intervention that contribute to reduce social inequalities in the country.

Because it is a social organization, IDIS considers valuable the generation and dissemination of knowledge and practices that can be useful to a larger number of people beyond those that participate in its consulting services and initiatives. Events, surveys, publications, seminars and this Social Investment Portal are all instruments for sharing this knowledge.

What is Private Social Investment?

Private social investment is the voluntary and strategic allocation of private resources, whether financial, monetary, human, technical or managerial, for public benefit.

To produce an impact and promote social transformation, this investment depends on focused research, creative planning, predefined strategies, careful execution, and monitoring of its outcomes. That is the proposal of IDIS.

IDIS acts in two ways:  by developing proactive initiatives and by meeting the demand for technical support of companies, foundations, institutes, families and individuals. Both the initiatives and the consulting services depend on the establishment of partnerships, which are imbued with the values of joint learning, transparency and co-responsibility.

IDIS’s commitment to social development is expressed through the increased impact of private social investment. Acting as an organization of civil society legitimates IDIS’s mission because its existence depends on the support of a variety of publics.

Its mission is relevant today because its Board of Directors, partners, clients, volunteers and staff believe in and contribute towards its realization.

Headquartered in São Paulo, IDIS has a qualified and experienced technical team whose main qualifications include:

  • Consulting and training services for companies, families and individuals desirous of carrying out social actions or structuring existing ones;
  • Drafting its own initiatives for the implementation of strategic and innovative methodologies;
  • Conducting and publishing social investment surveys and practices.

 “Citizenship requires interest and an active role in participating in the transformation
of reality.  IDIS is committed to making this private and voluntary participation strategic, efficient, effective, and a transformer of reality.”

Marcos Kisil

Director President of IDIS.

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