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8 de abril de 2023

Reinforcing our mission to inspire, support and expand private social investment and its impact, IDIS has launched ‘Brazilian Philanthropy in Perspective’, a newsletter which will bring highlights on Brazilian philanthopy and our contrbutions to its advance. Among the topics, trends on philanthropy, cases studies, articles, publications and surveys.

The newsletter will be sent quartely, and you may sign up using the form below.


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We are IDIS, the Institute for the Development of Social Investment, a civil society organization founded in 1999 and pioneer in technical support to social investors in Brazil. With the mission to inspire, support and promote strategic philanthropy and its impact, we serve individuals, families, companies, corporate and family run institutes and foundations, as well as with civil society organizations, in actions that transform realities and contribute for the reduction of social inequality in the country.

Our actions are based on the tripod generating knowledge, offering advisory, and developing social impact projects that contribute to the strengthening of the ecosystem of strategic philanthropy and of giving culture. We value partnerships and co-creating, and believe in the power of connection, of joint learning, of diversity and plurality of points of view.