Antônio Carlos Pipponzi

Antônio is the president of the Administrative Council of RaiaDrogasil S.A. He works in mentoring fronts for executives and businessmen at Eendeavor, participates in the Family Business Governance Committee at IBGC, and also in the professional development of youth at Endowment Amigos da POLI-USP. He is also a member of the Board at IDV – Instituto do Desenvolvimento do Varejo (Retail Development Institute).

With a degree in Civil Engineering by Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo POLI – USP (Polytechnical School of the University of São Paulo) and a post-graduate degree in Business Management by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV- Getúlio Vargas Foundation), he initiated his career at Droga Raia, where, starting in 1982, he lead the company’s development and growth until 2011, one year after the process of the company going public was initiated. From then on, he conducted the merger with Drogasil and became the president of the Administrative Council of RaiaDrogasil, the company resulting from the merger. He occupies such a position to this day.