Raul Cruz Lima

Raul is a Director at RCL Communication, which offers consultancy in communications and marketing. He works in political campaigns. He is also a part of the Deliberative Councils of IDIS and of the Vladmir Herzog Institute. He has been a journalist (Veja Magazine, Estadão) and has also worked in advertisement (salles, Lintas, JWT, Denison). He has always worked for big companies, national and international. He was an editor, Creation Director, Vice-President and then partner and President of Denison Advertising (sold to WPP). He has won over 400 awards nationally and abroad. He was president of the São Paulo Creation Club. He works in political campaigns (Montoro governor of São Paulo 1982, in favor of presidentialism in the 1993 Plebiscite, Alkmin mayor of São Paulo 2008, Beto Richa governor of Paraná 2014). Also, he has worked for the voluntary sector in the creation of campaigns such as Juréia (São Paulo, 1988), Declaration of Rights of Future Generations (for Jacques Cousteau, during the celebration of 50 years of the UN, in 1995) and, more recently, “Forests make a difference” (against the Brazilian Forest Code, for over 50 civil society entities).