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Established in 1999, the Institute for the Development of Social Investment (IDIS, in Portuguese) is a public interest non-governmental organization that was a pioneer in providing technical support and consultancy for social investors in Brazil and Latin America. IDIS facilitates the participation of individuals, families, companies and communities in strategic social actions that bring social change and help reduce social inequalities in the country. Committed to promote and structure private social investment as a tool for the development of a more equitable and sustainable society, IDIS acts in two ways: by developing proactive initiatives and by meeting the demand for technical support of companies, foundations, institutes, families and individuals.

More information at www.idis.org.br

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a non-profit organization focused on promoting private social investment, with its head office in the United Kingdom. Their purpose is to expand and strengthen the private social investment, influence the public administration concerning social investment issues and help donors find and aid social causes by offering a wide range of services to individual donors, corporate donors and non-profit organizations. CAF’s origins dates back to 1924, when United Kingdom’s National Council of Social Services decided to create a Charities Department to encourage donations that are more efficient. In 1974, it took the current form of a foundation. Since then, CAF acts freely from government, as an independent social organization. With international acclaim, CAF has consolidated itself as one of the largest private social investment organizations in Europe and has eight branches world-wide.

For more information: www.cafonline.org

The GPF is a project of the World Affairs Council, created to build a community of donors and social investors committed to international causes. Through an annual conference, summer seminar, special events and conference calls, GPF connects donors to causes, effective strategies, potential co-financing partners and emblematic agents of change from around the world.

More information at www.philanthropyforum.org

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José Luiz Egydio Setúbal Foudation was established in 2010 by Dr. José Luiz Setúbal, a pediatrician who acquired Sabará Child’s Medical Centre (a reference in pediatric practice in São Paulo) with the aim to transform it into a non-profit foundation dedicated to aid, research and educate regarding children’s health. The foundation includes the Child’s Hospital Sabará, which performs pediatric assistance and has the intent of generating income for the endowment fund that guarantees the institution’s continuity and research activities. The Pensi Institute, founded in 2013, is responsible for the research, teachings, volunteering and social projects regarding child’s health. It’s also responsible for the continued educational programs in the hospital, where health professionals take part in the courses, symposiums, congresses and classes regarding pediatric aid. Furthermore, it manages all the interns that go through the hospital, as well as disseminate the knowledge concerning child’s health on its social medias.

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BNP Paribas Asset Management Brazil has a prominent role in the country’s investment fund industry, with competitive products for clients in Brazil and abroad and continuous growth in its volume of managed assets.

With more than 20 years of a successful history, the result of strategic partnerships aimed at the distribution of investment funds and the important performance with the segments of institutional investors, corporate, foreign and high income (private banking).

This proves that global positioning, international experience and long-term local presence are important differentials in the Brazilian investment market.

Our purpose is to contribute to the institutional strengthening of Brazilian civil society organizations so that they are vectors of the country’s development. We support organizational development projects for initiatives committed to generating a positive impact on Brazilian society. We are interested in the most diverse causes, with restrictions only in the health area, as this is already the focus of social action of the family company. We also support initiatives of varying organizational models, be they: civil society organizations, social movements, collective networks or impact businesses. www.institutoacp.org.br

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has the goal to improve lives. Founded in 1959, BID is one of the major long-term financing channels for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and in the Caribbean. BID also conducts pioneer studies and offers policy consulting, technical assistance and qualification on public and private clients. For more information: www.iadb.org

Mattos Filho was five times elected “The law firm of the year in Brazil”, according to the British legal market research institution Chambers & Partners. With 26 years of experience, the firm has become the biggest winner in the history of the national category, being also twice recognized as the best firm in Latin America. We have pioneering service to civil society organizations, in addition to strong social commitment through pro bono advocacy, social responsibility and diversity policies. As a full service office, working in more than 30 areas of law in an integrated manner, Mattos Filho, is located in São Paulo, and also has offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, New York and London.


Founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Elie Horn, Rubens Menin and Eugênio Mattar, the Movimento Bem Maior is a non-partisan and non-profit social organization that operates throughout the country identifying, connecting and enabling important social impact initiatives with a single objective: to strengthen the philanthropic system in Brazil.

We believe and invest in the mobilization of leaders and the articulation of the social sector as effective means for building a more fraternal and inclusive society.

Our main goal, until 2030, is to support the role of organized civil society to double the volume of Private Social Investment in the country.

More information: www.MovimentoBemMaior.org.br / LinkedIn @Movimento Bem Maior