Create financing methodologies and models. Establish unlikely partnerships. Promote significant changes. Assume mistakes and move forward. Do differently what was already working. Innovate. Dare. BOLDNESS is innate to human beings, but it must be developed, experienced and improved. It requires courage, creativity, planning and perseverance to meet challenges and take calculated risks.

At the 2023 Brazilian Philanthropy Forum, we will highlight initiatives and people who paved the way for a more transformative, diverse, and inclusive philanthropy and social investment. We invite you to be inspired by these stories.


September 14th 2023

HYBRID EVENT - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (BRT)

Face-to-face: Boulevard JK (São Paulo, Brazil); Online: YouTube IDIS

Palestrantes confirmados para esta edição

Braulina Baniwa

Executive Director of Anmiga

Eduardo Saron

President of Itaú Foundation

Geyze Diniz

Cofounder of Pact Against Hunger

Jean Jereissati

CEO of Ambev

Nivedita Narain

CEO of CAF India

Philip Yun

President and CEO of World Affair and the head of the Global Philanthropy Forum