Brazilian Philanthropy Forum is held in partnership with the Global Philanthropy Forum. The initiative aims to provide a unique space for the philanthropic community to meet, share experiences and learn from their peers, strengthening strategic philanthropy and social investment in Brazil.

2019 Conference

The 8th Brazilian Forum of Philanthropists and Social Investors was held by IDIS in September 2019. The edition brought together more than 300 participants, including philanthropists, representatives of companies, institutes, foundations and governments, and 52 speakers. Representatives from countries like the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria and the United Kingdom helped to enrich the dialogue.

“Strength of Communities” was the theme chosen to underline the meeting. Focus was given to the transforming power of communities, which is to establish a path from the inside out and based on the demand of the groups, to find their own solutions that favor the common good. During the Forum, we brought examples, we presented challenges. We reflected on the role of citizens, who take control of their stories and exercise their citizenship. The 12 sessions and 15 thematic tables promoted throughout the day sought to account for the complexity of the subject, addressing different aspects.

The Forum traditionally invites entrepreneurs who shared their trajectories and views on private social investment and the proposed theme. Carlos Wizard, president of Grupo Sforza, a businessman who made a career in the franchise area and who, in October 2018, moved to Boa Vista, in Roraima, to lead a large program to welcome Venezuelan refugees was present. Eduardo Fischer, co-director president of MRV Engenharia and the MRV Institute, one of the most important entrepreneurs in the construction industry and a member of the founding family, took to the Forum the experience of the Escola Nota 10 project, which has already implemented more than 170 literacy schools , of digital inclusion and professionalization in their construction sites.

The final panel brought together three great women catalysts for philanthropy in the world. Jane Wales, founder of the Global Philanthropy Forum, Mosun Layode, CEO of the African Philanthropy Forum and Paula Fabiani, CEO of IDIS and responsible for the Brazilian edition of the event, shared the stage and shared reflections on achievements and also on the challenges we have to overcome.

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2018 Conference

The 2018’s edition of the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum theme was ‘Impact of Technology: does it contribute to reduce or to increase inequalities?’ During the event, the debate was about how philanthropy can be boosted by the use of technology and some cases where its use was not so effective. We also shared the companies’ point of view, in a special session dedicated to corporate philanthropy.

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2017 Conference

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2016 Conference

The fifth conference brought together about 200 people – public hearers and speakers. The theme chosen was “The Individual Initiative and the New Economy” and the plenary sessions were guided by the challenge of rethinking the current economic model in search of more inclusive and environmentally sustainable alternatives.

The opening speech, “The Frontiers of Capitalism” was with the economist and writer Eduardo Giannetti da Fonseca. At the plenary “Philanthropy as a family value”, the creation of The Giving Pledge Brasil by IDIS was announced with the support of Cyrela’s founder, Elie Horn. The program already exists in the United States and was created in 2010 by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to bring together billionaires willing to donate part of their lifetime fortunes to investing in social causes.

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2015 Conference

The topic discussed at the 4th Brazilian Philanthropy Forum, “Philanthropy in a Crisis Period”, generated several discussions about the future of philanthropic institutions, the role of the new philanthropist’s generation and society’s power to mobilize people to help changing Brazil’s scenario in the country’s current crisis.

IDIS launched a research with a portrait of the donor society, an important tool in advancing the country’s donation strategies. And also, some important debates have taken place, such as the look of new generations of philanthropists and the role of philanthropy in the rescue of values in philanthropic families!

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2014 Conference

The fourth conference, held in 2014, was entitled “Innovation and Impact in Philanthropy”. More than 180 participants attended the speeches given by names such as Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter, Swanee Hunt and José Luiz Egydio Setúbal. In addition, the “In Conversation With…” section presented the online participation of Peter Buffet, which aimed to debate what the inspiration and motivations of a social investor and his philanthropic acts are.

The “Innovation in Philanthropy” plenary, which debated philanthropy’s new horizons, innovative projects and the means to their strengthening, had Lester Salamon (teacher at Johns Hopkins University and director of the Center for Civil Society Studies at The Johns Hopkins Institute for Health and Social Policy Studies) as a speaker. Lester supports the use of market processes, such as privatizations and fusions, to create endowments that can assure a social organization’s financial sustainability.

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2013 Conference

In 2013, the conference was entitled “The Transforming Role of the Private Social Investment”. During the event, the documentary “Private Social Investment – The Present is the Future”, an initiative of IDIS which aims to present the path of social investment in our country, was shown to the 180 participants.

Additionally, the Forum was attended by speakers such as Betty Feffer, Robert N. Kaplan and Peter Eigen.
An important highlight of the second conference was the presence of Gilberto Carvalho, the Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, who during the lecture entitled “The Private Social Investment in the Government’s Agenda” made a commitment to work towards the approval of the Linked Endowment Funds Bill.

2012 Conference

In 2012, the first conference was entitled “The Role of Philanthropy in the Development of Brazil”. The Forum brought together 117 participants, including philanthropists, social investors, executives, directors of companies in the social industry, public sector representatives, scholars and journalists.

Between plenary and parallel sessions, the Forum convened a special networking lunch, in which participants and speakers could share their views on different issues pertaining to philanthropy and social investment. The closing ceremony, conducted by Dr. Marcos Kisil, IDIS’ founder, discussed the role of philanthropy as a catalyst for sustainable development and the difference between traditional philanthropic models and development triggered by Private Social Investments.