IDIS was born from a dream of one of the most important professionals of the social sector in Brazil. Marcos Kisil, or Dr. Marcos Kisil as he is commonly referred to due to his medical education, idealized and founded an organization that is capable of generating knowledge and applying techniques to support social investors, increasing relations between these investors and social entrepreneurs. In 1999 he founded IDIS, a nonprofit organization that has supported major Brazilian companies and families in their philanthropic journeys.

Many have joined this dream. Throughout the years, thousands of people have circulated through IDIS, be them collaborators, volunteers, board members, clients or partners that together contributed to the construction of a fair and solidary Brazil, and increased their knowledge and their ambitions of transforming the world around them.

When we completed 20 years of existence, we put together a publication telling our history.

Here are some highlights:


Marcos Kisil founds IDIS, with support from the Kellogg Foundation.


Creation of the DOAR program, pioneer in supporting the development of strategic philanthropy in the community.


Creation of the area that focuses on families and individuals, bringing the concept of family philanthropy to Brazil.


First IDIS publications: Strategic Philanthropy: Elements for Reflection, Family Philanthropy: Elements for Strategic Action and Strategic Philanthropy in Brazil: Mobilizing Resources for Citizenship.


“International Seminar of Cause-Related Marketing”, a milestone in the arrival of the concept in Brazil.


Series of workshops about family philanthropy, which sought to qualify and increase social investment done by the individuals.


Beginning of the partnership with the British Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), which IDIS started to represent in Brazil.


Launch of the website, reaffirming IDIS’ goal of becoming a reference in knowledge generations about strategic philanthropy.


Launch of InVista Social, a monthly newsletter with content about Strategic Philanthropy and Giving Culture.


Creation of Foundation School, IDIS’ partner, along with CAF UK and CAF Russia in the dissemination of innovative practices for corporate and family social investors.