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Institutional and Services

  • 1. Who we are?

    We are a public interest civil society organization (OSCIP) founded in 1999 and a pioneer in providing technical support to social investors in Brazil. We work together with individuals, families, companies, corporate and family foundations, and institutes, as well as civil society organizations to expand private social investment and its impact in Brazil. Our work is based on the tripod of generating knowledge, advisory and carrying out impact projects.

  • 2. What advisory services does IDIS offer?

    IDIS acts in a customized and participative way on 5 fronts:

    • Strategic planning for ISP and Governance ;
    • Wealth Funds Structuring and Financial Sustainability Strategies;
    • Project Design and Implementation;
    • Development of Calls for Proposals and Capacity Building of Organizations;
    • Monitoring and Evaluation.

    IDIS advisory is paid by the client according to the scope of work.

  • 3. With which audiences does IDIS work?

    We work with individuals, families, companies, corporate and family foundations and institutes, and civil society organizations.

  • 4. Who has IDIS worked with?

    IDIS has worked with over 60 different companies, social organizations, foundations, individuals, and families.

    We have worked with Vale, Anglo American, HSI Investimentos, Instituto Solea, Gerando Falcões, and WWF-Brazil.

    To learn more about the services provided, access our cases page.

  • 5. Does IDIS work on other fronts besides advisory services?

    Our work is based on the tripod of advisory, knowledge generation, and execution of impact projects, which contribute to strengthening the ecosystem of strategic philanthropy and the culture of giving.

    In the advisory, IDIS acts in a customized and participative manner, meeting the needs of the partner or client in its private social investment journey.

    In the pillar of generation and dissemination of knowledge, we produce publications, technical notes, articles, courses, training, and events.

    In Impact Projects, we idealize and implement initiatives that strengthen our ecosystem, inspire action, stimulate dialogue, influence public policy, and have a direct impact on issues considered a priority for reducing inequalities.

  • 6. Does IDIS raise funds for other organizations?

    This is not a service provided by IDIS, but the advisory team offers the service of planning for fundraising and providing guidance so that CSOs can operationalize their fundraising.

  • 7. Does IDIS have any activities related to the ESG agenda?

    Yes. We carry out strategic planning for the ESG activities of companies, institutes, and corporate and family foundations. Our methodology starts from the company’s purpose, beliefs, and values, and goes through the business needs and expectations and the perspective of the main stakeholders to design an action model that enhances the organization’s Private Social Investment (PSI). We have defined guidelines, partnerships, and necessary initiatives for the three pillars (E, S, and G), but we are seeking to develop an even more careful and specialized look at the social aspect.

  • 8. Does IDIS have any networking activities?

    IDIS has already created networks in Brazil and participates in thematic networks, reflecting, co-creating, endorsing, and implementing actions and thus contributing to the advancement of relevant guidelines for strengthening the Private Social Investment and the Donating Culture in Brazil.

    • Alliance for Impact Investment and Business
    • Catalysts 2030 Brazil
    • Coalition for Philanthropic Heritage Funds
    • Brazilian Coalition of CSOs for the FATF
    • Donation Day
    • Kids Donation Day
    • WINGS Latin America and Caribbean Affinity Group
    • WINGSAffinityGroupfortheCultureofDonating
    • GIFE Knowledge Group
    • Latimpact
    • Movement for a Culture of Donating
    • SDG Platform
    • Social Value
    • OSC Support
  • 9. Does IDIS have any international operations?

    Since 2005, IDIS is the representative in Brazil of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), a British organization dedicated to philanthropy with more than 90 years of experience. CAF supports donors – individuals, large donors, and corporations – to achieve the greatest possible impact from their giving. It also has international partners such as the Global Philanthropy Forum, WINGS, Latimpacto, and the Mott Foundation.

Project support

  • 10. How to support IDIS projects?

    Everyone has the opportunity to support IDIS in achieving its mission! Organizations and individuals wishing to support IDIS knowledge initiatives or impact projects can contact comunicacao@idis.org.br to find out what actions are underway and eligible for funding.

    We also have a channel for institutional donation, disconnected from specific projects – access here.

  • 11. Does IDIS make donations to organizations and projects?

    Institutionally, IDIS does not make donations to organizations and projects.


Institutional Communication and Media

  • 15. Brand guide and logo pack

    If you want to apply the IDIS brand, you must follow the guidelines in our brand manual. Download the logos and the complete material by clicking here. After completing the application, please send the materials to comunicacao@idis.org.br for approval.

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    For matters related to the media, contact luisal@idis.org.br