Volunteering in Brazil: Two Decades of Transformation

17 de outubro de 2022

In 2001, when the United Nations – UN established the International Year of Volunteers, amid the many celebrations at the time, the first Brazilian Survey on Volunteering became a landmark to know the profile of Brazilian volunteers.

Ten years later, in 2011, on the celebration of the Decade of Volunteering, the 2011 Survey “Volunteering in Brazil” expands its scope to better understand the volunteers.

Since 2011, Brazil experienced important events, such as the evolution of corporate volunteering, the holding of major events, humanitarian emergencies, and especially the impacts of the pandemic.

In a year deeply marked by the reinvention in the way voluntary work is done, the Survey “Volunteering in Brazil” becomes one of the main contributions to society.

This is a collection of papers to celebrate volunteering in Brazil, containing opinion papers whose purpose is to present the writer’s point of view.
They are diverse in terms of themes, characters, and styles, written by authors who kindly accepted our invitation to tell inspiring stories and bring relevant data capable of showing us how the Brazilian citizens, with creativity and perseverance, build a better and fairer society through volunteer work.

These sensitive reports show and record the important role of volunteer work in building a nation of citizens and solidarity.

The 2021 Survey “Volunteering in Brazil” legitimizes the work of thousands of volunteers in building a better Country, now and for future generations. In its third edition, the Survey brings a Brazilian portrait of the topic, points out to trends, and analyzes the changes in the last two decades.

It was prepared and coordinated by Silvia Maria Louzã Naccache, with the support of the consultants Kelly Alves do Carmo and Felipe Pimenta de Souza. The Institute for the Development of Social Investment – IDIS and Datafollha are responsible for the implementation.

To access the full Survey, CLICK HERE