Women hold only 38% of all leadership positions in Brazil, earning on average 22% less than men, and representing only 35% of CEO positions, according to data from IBGE and Grant Thornton. This is just one facet of gender inequality in the country. The issue becomes even more complex when considering variables such as the field of work and the intersection with additional factors like being part of the LGBTQIAP+ community, age, race and so on.

To empower women and transform this scenario, ELAS+ was founded in 2020.

To enhance its financial sustainability, the creation of an endowment came to mind. As the model is still quite new to Brazilian organizations, there was few knowledge about it among ELAS+ leadership and board members.


ELAS+ had the support of IDIS to empower its key leaders with knowledge about endowments. This encompassed concepts, best practices, legislation, and practical guidance on planning, implementation, resource mobilization, and efficient management of the mechanism.

Additionally, it was developed a long and short-term investment strategies, aiming to mitigate risks and increase profitability, including resource allocation and investment options. This joint effort aimed not only to address gender inequality but also to strengthen the financial sustainability of organizations engaged in the cause.

“We consider the training very positive for two main reasons: the excellent didactics and patience of the trainer, and the variety of formats in the material used, including tables, graphs, statistics, and examples in the third sector. This material provided to ELAS+ allows any team member, Board, or Assembly member to review or see the materials presented, even if they did not participate in the training on the day. We are confident that we will be able to apply the knowledge acquired when we start managing our Philanthropic Endowment Fund.”
Madalena Guilhon, Vice-President of the Deliberative Board of  ELAS+ Fund



About the Organization

ELAS+ Giving to Transform is a social and environmental justice fund, feminist and anti-racist, that has been investing in the strengthening of organizations and groups led by cisgender women, trans women, and other transgender identities since 2000. It was the first fund to exclusively invest in promoting the empowerment of women, transgender individuals, and non-binary people, recognizing the multiplicity and uniqueness of this universe. These organizations drive and sustain the economy and social relationships in their localities, understanding and actively generating positive social impact in communities, cities, and states, contributing to the collective transformation of society.