Brazilian Philanthropy Forum

Active since 2012, the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum offers an exclusive space for the philanthropic community to gather, exchange experiences and learn with their peers. These actions strengthen philanthropic strategy for promotion of the development of Brazilian society. Every year, the event gather philanthropists, leaders and specialists, both national and international.

To map out and discuss philanthropy’s role for the development of Brazil, we´ve had as speakers leaders such as Edvaldo Vieira, Guilherme Leal, Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter, Jane Wales, Lester M. Salamon, Maílson da Nobrega, Neil Heslop, Peter Eigen, Rob Garris, Swanee Hunt, Viviane Senna, among others.

The Brazilian Philanthropy Forum is a joint initiative by IDIS and the Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF).

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