Gerdau is a Brazilian multinational with more than 120 years of existence and which is going through a process of cultural transformation in several sectors. One of them concerns its corporate sustainability and ESG strategy, in which the Gerdau Institute Committees play a fundamental role in the local implementation of private social investment actions, corporate volunteering and community relations.

Thinking of contributing to this process of transformation of the Committees, Gerdau contracted IDIS for the mission of conceiving and carrying out a Workshop tailored for the members of these Committees, guaranteeing an alignment of good practices and theoretical knowledge in their areas of activity. And, along with the training, also bring elements and insights for an even more efficient allocation of the company’s resources and efforts in its quest for greater local social impact.

The Workshop was held face-to-face for a whole day for a group of 23 people from the Committees at the headquarters of INTELI, a technology college recently created in the city of São Paulo and which has Gerdau as one of its main supporters.

With the activity, the members of the Gerdau Institute Committees were trained to understand the main concepts of sustainability, ESG, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals, Private Social Investment, volunteering and relationship with the community. All this, in addition to realizing how Gerdau’s sustainability strategy connects with the Gerdau Institute Committees.

“The content, dynamics and exchanges were very important because we often don’t have time just to learn more about this Corporate Social Responsibility process. But, after this training, I had several insights that my mission at Gerdau is this”, reported a Gerdau employee who participated in the Workshop.