HSi Investments

Between August 2020 and March 2021, IDIS carried out a consulting project to guide and build a Family Philanthropy Strategic Plan for the entrepreneur and philanthropist Helio Seibel, linked to companies such as Duratex, Leo Madeiras and Leroy Merlin. The project’s main objective was to understand its history of social investment, as well as its values, personal beliefs, preference of causes, among other aspects for the design of a strategy for its philanthropic action through HSi Investimentos.

With a long and expressive trajectory in Private Social Investment (ISP), Helio sought to structure his contributions to different organizations and projects in the light of a new strategic guideline, aligned with his vision of the world and social impact for Brazil.

The process was divided into stages, the first being a diagnosis and the second conducting workshops for strategic reflection on Family Philanthropy.

As a result, there was the construction of an ISP Strategic Map that identified:

  • Priority causes and sub-causes;
  • Acting region;
  • Target audience and;
  • Risk profile.

In addition, performance models were presented and criteria were defined for the selection and monitoring of donations and annual budget, as well as a suggestion for its allocation.

According to Alex Seibel, “the work of IDIS was very important to help structure HS philanthropy, and bring more professionalism, more organization, and greater clarity about the causes we will support”.