Mosaic Institute

The Mosaic Institute is the private social investment tool of Mosaic Fertilizers, working towards the mutual and sustainable development of the communities where the company operates.

In 2022, it launched the fourth edition of the The Public Notice for Water, an initiative that seeks to value and promote good practices in water resource management in 35 Brazilian municipalities, contributing to water availability and sanitation for all Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

Annually, The Public Notice for Water selects and funds projects conceived by higher education institutions or civil society organizations (CSOs) to restore springs and watershed areas, install water capture and reuse systems and wastewater treatment, disseminate social technologies for efficient water management and leverage research that promotes the rational use of this important natural resource.

Since 2019, over 5,900 people from 29 municipalities in nine Brazilian states have participated in capacity-building activities, environmental education, engagement, and awareness activities on sustainable water use throughout the editions. The last four editions have also ensured the restoration of at least 42 springs, the installation of over 110 water capture and/or sewage treatment systems, and the planting of over 10,800 trees.

In 2020, the Friends of the Earth Sorriso Association (MT) contributed to the restoration of 11 springs in the Lira River Watershed, working on soil conservation in an area of 3,250,000 square meters, training local technicians, and installing over 300 drains to accelerate groundwater recharge and increase river flow.

In this fourth edition, in line with Mosaic Fertilizers’ diversity and inclusion commitments, projects prioritizing not only sustainable water management but also ensuring the empowerment of socially or economically marginalized groups gained prominence. These groups include women, people with disabilities, black individuals, indigenous or non-white people and traditional communities.

At the end of the selection process, which involved sector experts and company leadership, 15 projects were chosen to be executed, with an investment of over R$ 600,000 from the Mosaic Institute.

IDIS has been the technical partner for the implementation of The Public Notice for Water since its inception in 2019, responsible for managing the entire donation process, from planning to formalization of the donation, signing partnership agreements, disbursing donated funds and monitoring the winning projects.

In addition to this well-established partnership for The Public Notice for Water, in 2022, the Mosaic Institute also received technical support from IDIS in two other consulting projects, aimed at enhancing the company’s social investment initiatives and increasing their impact.

The first project involved a strategic reflection on the alignment between the programs of the Mosaic Institute, Mosaic Fertilizers’ ESG commitments, and the SDGs. As a result, new opportunities were identified to enhance the Mosaic Institute’s contribution to the company’s sustainability agenda and promote greater integration between the programs developed in its four platforms – Water, Education, Local Development, and Food.

The second project aimed to deepen the Mosaic Institute’s knowledge of corporate agriculture institutes and foundations in Brazil. The work involved mapping organizations active in the sector in the country and conducting a benchmarking survey, focusing on communication strategies and involving four selected organizations, to guide the Mosaic Institute in making decisions for future projects.