Mosaic Institute

The Public Notice for Water is an initiative of Mosaic Institute and, since its inception, has sought to value and promote water resource management practices in the communities where the company operates. This is based on support for actions that ensure the availability of quality water for present and future generations.

With this objective in mind, the Public Notice’s premise is to support and strengthen small, medium and large civil society organizations (CSOs) and higher education institutions to develop projects in this focus. The possibilities of projects for the theme, including, are many: preservation of springs, recovery and protection of water-related ecosystems, implementation of water and sewage treatment system, reuse of water, research and new conservation technologies and so on. .

A signatory to the Global Compact Brazil, Mosaic Fertilizantes has an agenda of sustainability initiatives aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project is related to SDG 6 of the 2030 Agenda: ‘Ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’. For this reason, it was recognized in the “Successful Cases in #ODS6 – Water and Sanitation” award in 2 categories, alongside 10 other Brazilian initiatives. The result was announced at the annual event of the platform ‘The CEO Water Mandate’, promoted by Rede Brasil do Pacto Global, in December 2019.

IDIS has been the technical partner of the Water Notice since its inception, responsible for managing the donation process as a whole, from planning to formalizing the donation, signing the partnership agreement, managing transfers and monitoring the winning projects. The main phases of a project like this include the creation of the regulation and registration forms, the receipt of proposals and evaluation of the candidates, the analysis of the projects and support to the examining board for the selection of the winners, according to the criteria established in the planning phase, and monitoring of financial transfers and project execution.

First edition – 2019

Its first edition, the Edital da Água, aimed to cover the regions of influence of Mosaic in the states of Bahia, Sergipe, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Paraná and Goiás, Rio Grande do Sul, which followed in all other editions, in this first one comprising 24 municipalities.

44 proposals were submitted, from 30 proposing organizations, and 10 were selected by a panel composed of representatives of Instituto Mosaic, Mosaic Fertilizantes and independent specialists in the water theme, by executives from the company’s main strategic areas and who are directors of Instituto Mosaic, in addition to market experts and universities in the field of water and sustainable development. The selected projects were classified between two categories and may receive R$52 thousand or R$32 thousand for the realization of proposals.

The projects approached the proposed theme in different ways. While the “Água é Vida” Project, in Goiás, proposed a project for the recovery and preservation of springs in the Macaúba Community, for example; another, in Rio Grande do Sul, created a mobile game to raise children’s awareness of water use.

Learn more about this edition’s winners here.

Second Edition – 2020

One of the goals of Instituto Mosaic is to strengthen the organizations supported by the public notice so that the projects are permanent and effective. In addition, the number of supporters and organizations thinking about the subject should grow. The second edition of the Edital da Água saw this happen.

There were 90 proposals received and 76% of them validated as possible competitors to receive the support of R$45 thousand. After evaluation by the specialized bank, 12 projects were chosen and awarded in 6 different states of the country.

Among the initiatives, the development of a micro-irrigation system to reduce water consumption in banana cultivation, without prejudice to production, the installation of septic tanks and biodigesters for greater access to sanitation and actions for the recovery and protection of springs and areas that greatly contribute to the preservation of ecosystems.

Third edition – 2021

In the third edition, the number of supported projects and the area covered by the Public Notice were expanded, in the search for greater environmental impact, social transformation and dissemination of new technologies.

There were 15 projects selected in 9 different Brazilian states and contributed with R$45 thousand to carry out the initiatives. The institutions will have the entire year of 2022 to carry out and deliver the proposed projects.

Instituto Mosaic: transforming the reality of the territories where they operate

Founded in 2008 and restructured in 2019, Instituto Mosaic aims to promote mutual and sustainable development in the communities around us. With this, we seek to combat social inequality and create a network that promotes well-being, quality education, training people and strengthening essential values, such as ethics, collaboration and responsibility. Thus, it is possible to nurture a more dignified and fair Brazilian society.