Since 2019, Petrobras has been investing in the evaluation of projects supported by the Petrobras Socioenvironmental Program (PPS). The evaluations aim to report to the company’s stakeholders the results of the company’s social investment, identify elements that allow for maximizing the positive social and environmental impacts of the projects, and further align the PPS social investment portfolio with the company’s strategic positioning.

To meet the demand, IDIS considered different methodologies for evaluating socioenvironmental impact. Taking into account the characteristics of the program’s project portfolio, the availability of information, and the feasibility of the different methods presented, it was decided to carry out two types of evaluation: the SROI (Social Return on Investment) protocol and the CBA (Cost-Benefit Analysis), with the incorporation of some elements of the SROI protocol and more suitable for environmental projects. Both approaches involve the monetization of the impacts generated by each project and the calculation of the return for society and the environment.

In three years, with IDIS’s support, the company has already evaluated or is in the process of evaluating 27 projects from its portfolio. Of these, ten were carried out in 2022. Among the positive environmental impacts mapped in this process are thousands of tons of CO² stored and sequestered from the atmosphere, the result of reforestation actions, conservation of endangered species, productive inclusion, and increased environmental awareness among diverse audiences. Increased self-esteem, improved academic performance, increased cultural repertoire, and greater future prospects for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations in various regions of the country are some of the social impacts identified. The evaluation process contributed to improving dialogue between the funder, executing teams, and beneficiaries, as well as bringing elements for strategic reflection on the socio-environmental impacts generated by projects supported by the PPS.

“Working with IDIS was a great experience and a great learning opportunity. IDIS people are of a high professional level and demonstrate this characteristic at all times. This, however, does not mean that they are arrogant people or that they always consider themselves the owners of the truth. On the contrary, the work is developed in partnership and information flows easily throughout the project. Particularly, I always felt very comfortable questioning and exchanging information with the entire team. The final work was as we wanted it and the presentation was also very enlightening. I congratulate the entire team and wish them permanent success,” says Roberto Emery from Petrobras.