Solea Institute

The Entrepreneur Reinaldo Rique and his family were supported by IDIS in the creation of a family philanthropic vehicle. The process consisted of three stages:

  • Construction of strategic and action planning;
  • Technical staff recruitment and training;
  • Preparation of Bylaws.

In the strategic planning, the focus of action of the future Institute was defined – cause, public and geography – and the pre-strategy of grantmaking (donation) was elaborated, with criteria for the selection and validation of projects. With the aim of bringing references, IDIS accompanied the philanthropist and two advisors from the Institute on technical visits to social organizations in São Paulo.

The project gave rise to the Solea Institute, a non-governmental organization that was formalized in early 2022 and focuses on strengthening education and reducing social inequalities nationwide.

“We had the valuable support of IDIS in our first steps. The zeal and expertise of the institution’s technical team during the creation process of the Solea Institute gave us the necessary security to get the project off the ground”, says Luiz André Soares, executive director of the organization.