Suzano is the world’s largest producer of pulp, one of the largest paper producers in Latin America, and a reference in the development of sustainable and innovative solutions of renewable origin. In Brazil, it operates directly in 9 states and in more than 200 municipalities, many in regions of great social vulnerability. In addition, the company works to be competitive and a leader in sustainability and in transforming its value chain and society.

The company finances and executes strategic socio-environmental projects in various regions where it operates, including urban, rural, and traditional populations collaboratively with communities, especially in areas of environmental conservation and income generation, both strongly aligned with the company’s business and purpose.

Seeking to expand this work and engage new partners, Suzano approached IDIS with the demand for a strategic analysis of its socio-environmental investment operation model through diagnosis and research of best practices (benchmarking).

The survey of the socio-environmental actions and operations of reference companies in Brazil and the literature on corporate social investment revealed good governance and management practices for socio-environmental investments. Along with the research, regulatory and internal elements of the company were also surveyed in order to build alternative scenarios for decision-making by Suzano in view of its commitments for 2030, such as the goal of lifting 200,000 people out of poverty and implementing 500,000 hectares in ecological corridors.