Volkswagen Foundation

Interested in strengthening the evaluative culture within the organization, the Volkswagen Group Foundation sought IDIS to establish strategies and methods with the intention of enhancing the monitoring of initiatives in its portfolio of social projects and programs.

The corporate foundation has been operating since 1979, investing in social impact actions focused on two priority causes: urban mobility and sustainable communities, and social mobility and the inclusion of people with disabilities. Additionally, they provide technical support for some of the social investment activities of Volkswagen Group companies in Brazil.

To assess the evaluative practices that had already been applied, IDIS conducted an extensive analysis of the Foundation’s documents and supported initiatives. These materials served as input for discussions with the organization’s team to define workshops on the concept of private social investment and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools for Foundation employees. After the workshops, Change Theories and indicators were proposed for the projects supported by the organization. As a final step, a focus group was conducted to reflect on future M&E plans. The 2022 project in partnership with IDIS evolved into a second project, initiated in 2023, involving M&E workshops for the Foundation’s partners directly.

“Our partnership with IDIS is solidifying the culture of monitoring and evaluation within the Volkswagen Group Foundation, enabling us to qualify our results and expand our impact on the lives of our beneficiaries. This aligns with our purpose of moving people through knowledge.” – Vitor Hugo Neia, Superintendent of the Volkswagen Group Foundation.