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Creation of the Emergency Fund for Health – Coronavirus Brazil, with the allocation of USD 8 million to 60 hospitals. The project was recognized by the Social Entrepreneurship Award, promoted by Folha de S.Paulo.


IDIS celebrates 20 years of its founding. The Endowment Law is sanctioned in Brazil, as a result of advocacy campaign led by IDIS.


Find Your Cause is launched, an initiative to strengthen the giving culture. It was the first time IDIS communicated directly with society as a whole.


IDIS is recognized as one of the 100 best NGOs in Brazil, standing out with regards to its management, governance, transparency, communication and financing.


Launching of the first edition of Pesquisa Doação Brasil (Brazilian Giving Research), the only one to outline the profile of Brazilian donors and non-donors, in addition to projecting the total amount donated by individuals in Brazil.


Advisory to FEHSOP, accomplishing a great training project in mobilizing resources for over one hundred philanthropic hospitals in the state of São Paulo.


Paula Fabiani becomes CEO of IDIS, replacing the founder, Marcos Kisil.


Production of the documentary (Strategic Philanthropy: The Present is the Future), IDIS’ first feature film.


First edition of the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum, in partnership with the Global Philanthropy Forum, the only event in the country of its kind.


Event on Endowment, launching the debate about the topic in Brazil.


Announcement of the first edition of the World Giving Index, the first global solidarity list, that ranks over 130 countries.


Celebration of 10 years of IDIS, with a process of reflection and readjustment of its management and structure, in an economic crisis scenario with shortage of resources for the Social Sector.


Creation of Foundation School, IDIS’ partner, along with CAF UK and CAF Russia in the dissemination of innovative practices for corporate and family social investors.


Launch of InVista Social, a monthly newsletter with content about Strategic Philanthropy and Giving Culture.


Launch of the website, reaffirming IDIS’ goal of becoming a reference in knowledge generations about strategic philanthropy.


Beginning of the partnership with the British Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), which IDIS started to represent in Brazil.


Series of workshops about family philanthropy, which sought to qualify and increase social investment done by the individuals.


“International Seminar of Cause-Related Marketing”, a milestone in the arrival of the concept in Brazil.


First IDIS publications: Strategic Philanthropy: Elements for Reflection, Family Philanthropy: Elements for Strategic Action and Strategic Philanthropy in Brazil: Mobilizing Resources for Citizenship.


Creation of the area that focuses on families and individuals, bringing the concept of family philanthropy to Brazil.


Creation of the DOAR program, pioneer in supporting the development of strategic philanthropy in the community.


Marcos Kisil founds IDIS, with support from the Kellogg Foundation.