RD – RaiaDrogasil

‘RD – Gente, Saúde e Bem-Estar’, a leading company in the Brazilian drugstore market, was created in November 2011 through the merger of Raia S.A. and Drogasil S.A. The main guideline of its private social investment is to support projects related to the promotion of health and quality of life in the regions where it operates, making a positive impact on communities. With this focus, the company sought IDIS to support it in donation management initiatives to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency Health Fund receives support from the “Every Care Counts” Movement

Amid the health crisis in the country, RD, which is closely linked to healthcare, created the “Every Care Counts” Movement. The company’s initiative made a donation of R$ 25 million to the Health Emergency Fund – Coronavirus Brazil, an initiative of IDIS, the ‘Movimento Bem Maior’ and BSocial to strengthen the Unified Health System (SUS). Started in May 2020, IDIS provided technical support for the management of the donation made by RD to FES, benefiting philanthropic hospitals in various Brazilian states.

IDIS aimed to address two major demands from the company. The first focused on ensuring the security of the donation process, while the second aimed to ensure that the donation was not just a one-time support for the beneficiary hospitals but could leave a lasting impact on the communities they serve. The result of this work was the support to 52 hospitals that serve SUS, through 51 civil society organizations, in 23 states of the country plus the Federal District, covering an area that reaches nearly 72 million people.

United for Vaccination Movement

Still focusing on supporting SUS amid the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, RD joined the “United for Vaccination” Movement, an initiative of the “Grupo Mulheres do Brasil” (Women of Brazil Group), chaired by businesswoman Luiza Helena Trajano. The movement brought together hundreds of companies and third-sector organizations to contribute to the enabling and acceleration of population access to the Covid-19 vaccine. Acting as a network, it had representatives in each federal unit and connected sponsor companies with municipalities interested in receiving donations of supplies needed for the vaccination process in Basic Health Units.

IDIS supported RD in managing the donation of materials and equipment equivalent to R$ 5 million to Municipal Health Secretariats to accelerate the vaccination against Covid-19. This support included analyzing and prioritizing requested donations, coordinating with municipalities, formalizing Donation Agreements, and monitoring the delivery of donations.