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Education and citizenship go hand in hand. Chamex Institute understands and bases its actions on this statement. By investing over R$17 million in community development, the organization aims to stimulate creativity through education as a source of transformative solutions for the world and society.

In order to objectively understand the impact of its actions on society, the organization approached IDIS to conduct an SROI impact assessment.


We supported the Chamex Institute with a Social Return on Investment (SROI) assessment of the Geração Sylvamo Program, which provides vocational education courses to youth from socially vulnerable families. These courses are targeted at residents of Mogi Guaçu (SP), Luiz Antônio (SP), and Três Lagoas (SP), where Sylvamo units are located.

The first step involved creating a Theory of Change (ToC), describing how the program activities aim to achieve short and medium-term outcomes aligned with the organization’s long-term strategic objective. With the Theory of Change established, the IDIS team proceeded to define and measure evaluative variables, both qualitative and quantitative. All collected data enabled the final calculation of SROI.

As a final result, IDIS produced a comprehensive report presenting all evaluation findings and highlighting the positive impact of the Geração Sylvamo Program on improving the quality of life and employability of youth in socially vulnerable situations.

Results obtained

The results of this research confirm that the Social Return on Investment in the Geração Sylvamo Program is positive and significant. These benefits, when quantified mathematically and monetarily, more than double the investment made. For every R$1.00 invested in the program, R$2.20 in social benefits are generated.

The research highlighted the contribution of various axes of change, such as the development of technical knowledge, increased professional perspective, and improvement in quality of life. Additionally, the evaluation evidenced notable progress in participants’ socio-emotional skills. Aspects such as maturity, responsibility, patience, resilience, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem, personal fulfillment, joy, and creativity were noteworthy.

The final report of the Impact Assessment of the Geração Sylvamo Program is available here for consultation.

Education with Citizenship Call for Proposals

Since 2021, IDIS has also supported the management of the ‘Education with Citizenship Call for Proposals’, an initiative that annually selects five institutions nationwide to receive R$30,000 each. The main objective is to support projects that stimulate citizenship through education, promoting a more transformative, proactive, and responsible role among social actors.

IDIS’s role is guided by the Chamex Institute’s guidelines. We plan all stages of the Grant, involving the selection of the five initiatives and overseeing the process from start to finish. This work includes creating regulations and application forms, validating candidates and project analyses, supporting the selection panel in choosing the winners, and monitoring project execution.

Learn more and discover the institutions selected in 2023.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


About the organization

Chames Institute has the purpose of encouraging, through education, with the use of creativity as source of transformative solutions for the world and society.

By placing creativity as the central element in building a more accessible, inclusive, equitable, and transformative education, Chamex Institute and its partners, foster the development of students, teachers, and agents of early childhood, elementary, and high school education, supporting projects countrywide and developing projects locally. In this way, we seek to transform countless realities, enabling a new future for thousands of Brazilians.