Avon Institute

In action since 2003 as a social extension to Avon, a company that for over 130 years has connected millions of women amongst themselves and to a life with more opportunities, the Avon Institute has the mission to “mobilize society to face breast cancer and violence against women and girls in Brazil”.

Partner of the Avon Institute since its creation, IDIS supports the management of donations that are carried out by the institute to projects and civil society organizations that act in breast cancer causes and in the fight against violence on women and girls.

In 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increase of cases of violence against women and girls, which motivated the Avon Institute, along with Accor, to install the Private Social Investment Fund for the Extintion of Violence against Women and Girls.

Our team got involved in the definition of strategic guidelines, goals and governance of the fund. IDIS also defined the criteria for grantmaking and the selection process of the beneficiaries.

Up until the end of the year, with only a few months of existence, the fund had managed to support three organizations with projects focused on the increase in availability of housing for women in violent situations. Other companies that may have interest in this cause can join forces through financial support or support in services, as in Natura’s case, a company that joined the fund as an investor.

The fund is still active in 2021 and its goal is to benefit at least 10 thousand women through financial support and through the expansion of housing services, as well as of psychological treatment and legal guidance.