Andrea Hanai

Andrea Hanai is a Project Manager at IDIS since 2014, offering advisory services to companies and organizations from civil society, and training institutions in topics like governance, donation management, strategic planning and endowment funds. Before holding this position, she was a Relationship Manager in the Corporate Banking area of Sudameris Bank and ABN AMRO Real Bank, and Corporate & Investment Banker in the Global Banking & Markets area of Santander Brazil Bank. She is a bachelor in Economy by FEA-USP, has an MBA in Finance by Insper and an International Masters in Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility by EOI – Escuela de Organización Industrial de Madri, where she specialized in intersectoral partnerships for development. She is co-author of the book “Fundos Patrimoniais Filantrópicos – Sustentabilidade para causas e organizações” (Endowment Funds – Sustainability for causes and organizations).