Marcel Fukayama

Marcel is a businessman of impact, cancer survivor and builder of cathedrals. He has been involved in different initiatives in the new economy. Co-founder of Din4mo, with goals of training businesspeople that solve social problems and of developing innovative structures that direct capital to low income families and social companies. Co-founder of Sistema B Brasil, to strengthen the B Corp community and redefine success in business. He is currently the Executive Director of Sistema B International. Master in Business Management, MBA and Masters in Public Administration by the London School of Economics. He is committed to working with social society and with policy formulators, to inspire innovation and new public policies. He was campaign manager to Marina Silva and Eduardo Jorge (REDE/PV) in the presidency run in 2018. Previously, he was pioneer in creating one of the first cybercafes in Brazil at the age of 17, and acted as CEO of CDI Global, working with a network in 15 countries to use technology for social change.