Impact Assessment for Productive Inclusion: Methodologies, Challenges, and Limitations

10 de novembro de 2023

The practice of monitoring and evaluation can be an efficient tool for learning and decision-making in productive inclusion projects. By using evaluative methods, such as Social Return on Investment (SROI), it is possible to understand the social impact of projects and programs and make more informed decisions.

In the article titled ‘Impact Assessment for Productive Inclusion: Methodologies, Challenges, and Limitations’, Paula Fabiani, CEO of IDIS, and Denise Carvalho, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at IDIS, explore the main benefits, challenges, and limitations faced in the social impact assessment of productive inclusion projects and programs, as well as future trends and approaches.

The content of this article was published in the Revista Brasileira de Avaliação – Special Edition on Productive Inclusion, a publication that brings together a unique set of articles, experience reports, interviews, and essays discussing the evaluation of public and private policies for productive inclusion from various perspectives.

Coordinated by the Brazilian Evaluation Network with the support of the Arymax Foundation, in partnership with the Tide Setubal Foundation, this is a scientific publication aimed at fostering the discussion of evidence-based policies on interventions designed to address socio-economic inequalities in Brazil by generating employment and income for economically excluded individuals.

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