IDIS is among the first organizations in the world certified by CAF America

The digital credential is an initiative of the North American representative of the Charities Aid Foundation; the objective is to validate CSOs around the world to receive US investments

Since 2005, IDIS – Institute for the Development of Social Investment is the representative in Brazil of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), a British organization dedicated to philanthropy and with over 90 years of experience. CAF supports donors – individuals, large donors and companies – to achieve the greatest possible impact from their donations.
In December 2021, IDIS received from CAF America, one of the partner offices of the CAF International network, an unprecedented digital badge, which recognizes its suitability and exemplary work carried out in Brazil. The certification provides US investors with the assurance that we are a solid civil society organization that has been assessed against the risk of fraud, money laundering or other illicit activities.
With the objective of increasing the number of internationally validated organizations, CAF America will count on the involvement of local partners. With extensive experience in this type of validation of CSOs in Brazil, IDIS, from its office in São Paulo, will be involved in this process as a validating agent, also serving CAF’s international clients operating in the region and offering global services to social investors. Brazilian private companies.
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