IDIS 2023 Retrospective: bolder than ever

Boldness is inherent to human nature, but it must be developed, experienced, and refined. This was not only the theme of the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum 2023 but also the journey of IDIS throughout the year. We need courage, creativity, planning, and persistence to face challenges and take risks. In 2023, IDIS was bolder than ever!

Whether through internal initiatives or collaborations with other organizations in the sector, boldness propelled our work based on the tripod of knowledge generation, advisory, and impact projects. Along this path, we continued to contribute to our mission of inspiring, supporting, and expanding private social investment and its impact. The stories have been compiled in our Activity Report, available only in brazilian portuguese.

However, here’s some of our key achievements throughout the year.



Our advisory team led 54 projects, covering areas such as strategic planning, endowment structuring and long-term strategic for financial sustainability, donation management and impact assessment. We also officially incorporated into our offerings services related to the ESG agenda and the relationship with Private Social Investment.

In the knowledge area, we continued our vocation to reflect on trends, read scenarios, and systematize concepts and methodologies. We launched 50 new products, including publications, articles, technical notes, and events. We released the second edition of Perspectives for Brazilian Philanthropy, held another edition of the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum, which once again took place in a hybrid format, and conducted the Brazil Giving Research 2022. We supported the development, adaptation, and translation of studies by international partner organizations, such as the Operating Archetypes by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and the World Giving Index 2023 by CAF. In total, we received 170 thousand accesses to our content.

Brazilian Philanthropy Forum 2023

The impact projects that IDIS implements and leads continued to advance. Within the scope of the Transforming Territories program, in partnership with the Charles Mott Foundation, one of our focuses was expanding the network by bringing new leaders and organizations to operate within this model. Through a public call, meetings, and active research, five new initiative groups joined the program, totaling 17 participating organizations. In September, we gathered everyone in São Paulo for the 2nd Transforming Territories Seminar.

2nd Transforming Territories Seminar

Throughout the year, the Coalition for Philanthropic Funds, led by IDIS, continued its work. One of our main advocacy issues this year concerned the regulation allowing resources from tax incentives to also be directed to endowment funds. Also on this topic, we launched another edition of the Endowment Performance Yearbook 2022.

It was this year that the grandiose Together for Health initiative began, a impact project aimed at allocating, by 2026, R$200 million to strengthen the Unified Health System (SUS) in the North and Northeast regions of the country. In just one year of operation, we secured four important supporters, and three projects covering almost 300 municipalities are underway.


We believe that the diversity of opinions, backgrounds, life stories, and repertoires enriches our work and increases our potential for impact. Therefore, in 2023, we continued to celebrate diversity and invest in the power of partnerships.

We also participated in thematic networks, reflecting, co-creating, endorsing, and implementing actions. We contributed to the advancement of relevant agendas for strengthening the democratic environment, Private Social Investment, and the Culture of Donation in Brazil.

Discover our institutional partners and the networks we participated in during 2023.


Those who contribute to building our story daily are the ones who are part of IDIS. Since 2020, we have grown not only in terms of project numbers, impact indicators, events, and partners, but also in people. Between August 2022 and August 2023, we experienced a 50% increase in our team, leading to the creation of new processes and people policies.

With a hybrid working model, throughout the year, a series of integration, training, and knowledge exchange actions were promoted. Part of these initiatives was led by the Diversity Committee, composed of IDIS team members, which also coordinated the second edition of the IDIS Census.

IDIS team reunited


We enter 2024 full of plans and determination, ready to continue inspiring, supporting, and expanding the impact of private social investment.

Additionally, this year marks our 25th anniversary. It will be a time of many celebrations!

In partnership with the MOL Group, we are structuring the 1% Commitment, a movement that encourages companies to allocate at least 1% of their net profit to social organizations and causes of public interest. We are seeking more supporters for this initiative.

Within the scope of Together for Health, the end of fundraising is planned, reaching the milestone of R$100 million donated by supporters, which will be matched by BNDES. In 2024, we will begin the impact assessment of ongoing projects.

In the realm of knowledge projects, in addition to hosting another edition of our traditional Forum and the Endowment Fund Performance Yearbook, we highlight the intention to initiate a study focusing on family philanthropy and to raise funds for the realization of the Brazil Donation Survey 2024, now biennial.

Lastly, given the increasing relevance of the ESG Agenda, IDIS invests in strengthening the consulting team with experts, developing methodologies that support social investors in their decisions, and producing knowledge on the subject, including the publication of a new study.