International ranking recognizes IDIS as one of the best Brazilian NGOs

Dot Good has announced the top 50 social organizations in Brazil

On June 12, the Swiss organization The Dot Good, responsible for ranking the leading social organizations at the international level, released a ranking highlighting the 50 most prominent Third Sector institutions in Brazil. The evaluation criteria were based on transparency, maturity of governance levels, management, and strategic planning developed by the listed NGOs.

IDIS secured the 19th position in the ranking, proving our commitment to the socioeconomic development of the country and the advancement of the Brazilian Third Sector ecosystem.

Accounting for 4.27% of Brazil’s GDP, Third Sector organizations employ approximately 6 million people and have a significant impact on the social and economic landscape of the country, as demonstrated by the recent study “The Importance of the Third Sector for Brazil’s GDP,” conducted by the Institute of Economic Research Foundation (Fipe), Sitawi Finanças do Bem, and the Movimento Por Uma Cultura de Doação (Movement for a Culture of Donation).

The achieved social and economic outcomes are amplified due to the collaborative nature and networked approach in which projects of excellence and significant social impact are developed. The sector has been growing in recent years, and the effects of social actions are visible in the country’s sustainable development. The contributions of this work represent achievements in the realization of rights, and the transparency in the use of mobilized resources aligns with the highest compliance standards.

This trend of growth and qualification of the Third Sector in Brazil is a reflection of several factors, such as the commitment and dedication of organizations to improve their practices, the adoption of more efficient management models, and the constant pursuit of innovation.

“Initiatives like Dot Good contribute to bringing visibility to the great work carried out by our social organizations, with commitment, seriousness, creativity, and impact. It is another tool available to enhance trust among local and international social investors. We are happy to be included in the ranking; however, we also congratulate others who were not highlighted. Our sector is vibrant, strong, and diverse, and the contribution comes from everyone!” declares Paula Fabiani, CEO of IDIS.


About IDIS

We are IDIS – Institute for the Development of Social Investment, a civil society organization founded in 1999 and pioneer in technical support to social investors in Brazil. With the mission to inspire, support and promote strategic philanthropy and its impact, we serve individuals, families, companies, corporate and family-run institutes, and foundations, as well as civil society organizations, in actions that transform realities and contribute to reducing social inequality in the country.

IDIS’s actions are based on generating knowledge, offering advisory, and developing social impact projects that contribute to strengthening the ecosystem of strategic philanthropy and giving culture. We value partnerships and co-creating and believe in the power of connection, joint learning, diversity, and plurality of points of view.