CAF launches Global Philanthropy Hub with free content from 10 countries

The platform aims to promote the culture of giving around the world, through content on philanthropy produced by partners of CAF’s International Network

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a British organization dedicated to philanthropy for over 90 years, facilitating donations and charitie programs around the world. In Brazil, CAF has been represented by IDIS since 2005.

Nowadays, CAF International is the largest support structure for philanthropy around the world. Beyond of the UK Office, the network also includes operations in South Africa, Australia (Good2Give), Brazil (IDIS), Bulgaria (BCause), Canada, United States, India, and Turkey (Tusev).

Thinking about facilitating and strengthening this cross-border giving, CAF launched in the first weeks of December 2022, during #philanthropyweek , a  Philanthropy Hub, which brings together contents, both from network members and other partners in 10 different countries.

The Hub includes content about the themes:

  • Country Philanthropy Profiles
  • Supporting Emergency Relief
  • Enabling Private Philanthropy
  • Inspiring Corporate Giving
  • Facilitating Workplace Giving


Perspectives for Brazilian philanthropy in 2022

Societies are more complex. Problems to be faced too.

In the 19th century, one of the great names of philanthropy, the entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie, said it was easier to make a fortune than to give money away wisely. More than a century separates us from that statement, and since then societies have become more complex, as have their problems. And the challenge faced by philanthropists, who want to generate the greatest possible impact with their donations, has grown considerably, after two years of the pandemic and its consequent economic and social crisis.

Thinking about the decisions which Brazilian philanthropists will face in 2022 that IDIS prepared this article, bringing some perspectives we see in our daily work, both in Brazil and abroad. Perspectives work like windows opening onto different landscapes, and in each one something different is happening that can influence the way the private social investor understands the context in which he/she is inserted, the various possibilities within his/her reach, and the effects of his/her resolutions.

It should be clear that IDIS have never intended to draw a complete picture of reality and of what should be considered by a philanthropist when reflecting on how he or she intends to make donations. But we do have the intention of enriching this moment and, somehow, contributing so that the social investor has more elements to collaborate with in order for his/her decision to be the best for him/her, the best for the beneficiaries, and the best for Brazil.

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Study highlights leading companies in corporate giving in Brazil and worldwide in 2020

Unprecedented research carried out by IDIS points out the organizations that allocated the most resources to social initiatives on the first year of the pandemic

IDIS – Institute for the Development of Social Investment, as a request from Itaú Unibanco, accomplished a survey on social investment carried out with companies around the world. The Corporate Giving Ranking reveals which are the 10 Brazilian and 10 international companies that contributed the most to socio-environmental actions, through donations and sponsorships, on 2020, first year of the pandemic.

In Brazil, the best-placed company is Itaú Unibanco, with a total invested amount of USD 350 million. The bank also stood out in the global ranking, classified in 8th, only behind US giants companies and a large Chinese organization. In the international ranking, the highlight was Microsoft, with USD 2.3 billion invested. Check out the rankings below:


Brazilian Corporate Giving Ranking in 2020





# 1 Itaú 350.007.709 2.903.064.174 12,1%
#2 Vale 213.534.615 4.496.146.153 4,7%
#3 Bradesco 182.219.230 3.741.923.076 4,9%
#4 Cogna Educação 62.855.769 -1.116.499.615 n/a
#5 JBS 60.788.461 884.288.461 6,9%
#6 Rede D’Or 43.096.538 88.350.576 48,8%
#7 Banco do Brasil 39.625.000 2.670.000.000 1,5%
#8 Claro 29.532.692 668.435.192 4,4%
#9 Ambev 28.847.746 2.327.750.000 1,2%
#10 Petrobras 27.990.961 2,3%
TOTAL 1.038.498.721

Font: IDIS – Institute for the Development of Social Investment


International Corporate Giving Ranking in 2020





#1 Microsoft



#2 Salesforce




#3 Walmart



#4 Google


#5 Wells Fargo




#6 Cisco Systems



#7 ByteDance




#8 Itaú




#9 Tencent




#10 Mastercard






Font: IDIS – Institute for the Development of Social Investment


The criteria for positioning the companies took into account the financial volume of donations and the percentage that this value represents in the net profit of each corporation. In addition to financial donations in cash, the ranking considers donations of products and services, sponsorships carried out through incentive laws (in the national case), donations reported together with other companies (provided that the value of each one is specified), and the portion referring to the contributions of the sponsoring company by income from the equity funds to the Business Institutes and Foundations.

In addition to the quantitative assessment, IDIS considered in the study the strategic alignment of the actions with the company’s business and also whether the amount made available to combat the pandemic was only on an emergency basis or if there was a history and forecast of maintenance of the contributions of resources.

All values ​​used in the research were obtained from public sources of information related to philanthropy. They are: Giving USA 2021, CANDID-Philanthropy and Covid-19 Measuring One Year of Giving, Foundation Maps – Philanthropy’s response to coronavirus, Foundation Directory Online, Investor Relations Reports, ABCR Giving Monitor, GIFE, Tax Incentive Laws and Integrated Annual Reports – Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility and ESG.

This Corporate Giving Ranking complements the recently released findings of the GIFE Census and BISC Report. The studies, which include a considerable part of the most important companies in the country, estimate a volume of USD 1.3 billion related to private social investment in 2020. Considering methodological and sample differences, the total investment of the 10 companies that make up the ranking by IDIS is USD 1 billion, showing a high concentration of investments in a few companies.

“Data is essential to guide our action. It is clear that corporate social investment is still very concentrated and that it is necessary to engage more and more organizations. This is a journey that begins with the understanding that companies are part of the solution to our socio-environmental challenges and continues through a long-term commitment to transformation. Another important point to consider will be the behavior of these companies in the coming years, how much the increase seen in 2020 will influence their corporate social investment strategies and policies, as well as the effect on the sector in general”, comments Renato Rebelo, IDIS Consulting unit director.


Download the full publication here (content available in Portuguese only)