IDIS achieves Great Place To Work® certification

IDIS – Institute for Social Investment Development – has achieved the Great Place to Work (GPTW) seal. This certification recognizes IDIS’ ongoing commitment to creating a positive, inclusive, transparent, and ethical work environment that promotes employee well-being.

This is the result of a rigorous evaluation conducted by the consulting company Great Place To Work. The survey, which is 100% confidential, covered aspects such as employee trust in leadership, quality of work relationships, organizational culture, people management, growth and development opportunities, compensation and benefits, and employee’s perception of the company as a whole.

“This is an incredible recognition for IDIS. It reinforces our institutional values: Excellence, Learning, Collaboration, Respect, Transparency, and Sustainability, as well as our commitment to maintaining a work environment with these characteristics. An organization is made up of people, and there is no success without them,” says Paula Fabiani, CEO of IDIS.

IDIS is proud to have achieved this certification, which reflects the organization’s commitment to promoting a healthy and collaborative work environment. The Institute believes that investing in the well-being and professional development of its employees is essential to achieve positive results and driving social impact.

“Having accompanied the development of the IDIS team for over 3 years is extremely gratifying. This achievement is just a validation of the sentiment that is already felt among the people at IDIS. And, of course, the survey is a way to always listen to each other and further improve our work space,” comments Mariana Côrrea, HR consultant.

The GPTW certification not only strengthens IDIS’ reputation as an excellent employer but also reinforces its ability to attract and retain talent, enhancing its capacity to generate positive social impact. IDIS will continue to cultivate an inclusive, transparent, and stimulating work environment, valuing and supporting its team of employees in their professional journey!


Great Place To Work is a renowned global consulting company that helps organizations create and maintain an exceptional work environment. The GPTW certification recognizes companies that excel in promoting trust, collaboration, and employee well-being, contributing to the success and sustainability of the business.