Together for Health: annual activity report 2023

The document details the actions developed during the first year of the Program, ensuring transparency for society and partners.

Launched in 2023, Together for Health is an initiative of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), managed by IDIS – Institute for the Development of Social Investment.

In partnership with private donors, the Program seeks to raise resources to support and strengthen the Unified Health System (SUS) in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, where approximately 75 million people live and – 9 out of 10 – depend exclusively on the SUS ( IBGE, 2020). The high demand results in important challenges, such as low availability of doctors, poor infrastructure, and poor access to population health data.

“In its activities, Together for Health prioritizes municipalities with less than one doctor per thousand inhabitants and, under the logic of matchfunding, has the prospect of allocating, by 2026, approximately R$ 200 million (R$ 100 million of supporters and R$100 million from BNDES) for health projects that aim to benefit care activities for populations living in these regions of the country, including primary care services; medium and high complexity; urgent and emergency services and diagnostic support” explains Carla Reis, Head of the Department of the Industrial Complex and Health Services of the Productive Development, Innovation and Foreign Trade Area of ​​BNDES.

The annual activity report is a management and transparency tool and details the Program’s actions and results.

Main achievements

In its inaugural year, the focus of Together for Health included the institutional and operational structuring, the team building and a consolidation of a strong network, made up of strategic partners, which played a key role in all the achievements of the Program so far.

Five important supporters arrived to join Together for Health, donating a total of R$97,083,148.32 (50% from BNDES, 50% from private donors). The donors  are: Vale Foundation, RD Group, Dynamo Institute, Umane and Wheaton.

The resources raised began to be allocated, allowing three large projects to begin: Social Protection Health Cycle, executed by CEDAPS, Mental Health Indicator Panel, and ImpulsoPrevine, both under the responsibility of ImpulsoGov. Together, they will benefit almost 300 municipalities.

“The management of this initiative contributes to the allocation of donations align with public policies,” explains Luiza Saraiva, IDIS’ project manager responsible for conducting the Program. In 2024, in addition to fundraising and allocation to projects, the monitoring process will begin to assess the impacts achieved.

To learn more about the partners and executors, the Program’s operational models, the committees and evaluation bodies, details of the actions developed, and the financial report, click here to download the report for free (available only in Portuguese)

IDIS participates in the global event CCW2023 with a panel on Matchfunding

Between the 1st and 5th of May 2023, will occur the 4th edition of Catalysing Change Week (CCW). Considering the most significant global event led by civil society organizations and social entrepreneurs, this year’s theme is “Solutions from the Frontlines.”

To inspire attitudes that contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stipulated by the UN, the event – ​​which takes place online – will bring together actors who are at the forefront of socio-environmental change ecosystems. The idea is that they share, throughout the week, their experiences and knowledge with a focus on accelerating collaborative change systems. Participants include representatives from the private sector, governments, civil society organizations, and philanthropists.

The event is organized by Catalyst 2030 and has more than 250 sessions and activities proposed by people worldwide. The objective is to identify local solutions to global issues and expand the debate and knowledge about good practices developed worldwide. To access content and best practices shared at previous events, click here: Embracing Complexity and here: New Allies.


About IDIS participation

IDIS, a founding member of the Brazilian Chapter of Catalyst 2030, will again be at the event. This year, the panel led by the organization “Matchfunding: a strategy to Enhance the Impact of Socio-environmental Projects” will discuss the concept of Matchfunding as a powerful strategy to raise funds and expand the expected social impact.

To illustrate the strategy, the Together for Health Program case, a BNDES Matchfunding initiative managed by the IDIS team, will be presented. The objective of the Program is to support and strengthen the Unified Health System (SUS) in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, with a focus on improving and expanding primary care services. Over four years (2023-2026), the aim is to raise BRL 200 million for health projects that operate in this part of the country.

Luiza Saraiva, Manager of the Together for Health Program, will open the conversation, which will have the mediation of Guilherme Sylos, Director of Prospecting and Partnerships at IDIS.

Among the confirmed speakers is Carla Reis, representative of the BNDES, who will present the Together for Health Program and reflect on how the MatchFunding model can contribute to expanding the impact of government initiatives and strengthening public policies.

João Abreu, Executive Director of ImpulsoGov, the organization behind the “ImpulsoPrevine” Project, will also participate in the session. His initiative brings together free solutions and services for municipalities to expand the scope and quality of primary care in the SUS. The project is a potential beneficiary of Together for Health and is already ready to receive investments. Among other topics, João will address the challenges of fundraising for Health.

Maria Izabel Toro, Social Investment Manager at Grupo RD, and Andreia Rabetim, Intersectoral Coordination and Volunteering Manager at Vale, are also part of the panel of speakers for the session. From the funders’ perspective, the guests will discuss the reasons and benefits of a private company participating in a match funding style.

The week is an opportunity to engage, advocate and nurture the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. We’ll wait for you!

Registration to attend the session is now open! Register here.


Matchfunding: a strategy to enhance the impact of socio-environmental projects

When: May 4, 2023, from 10 am to 11:15 am
Where: Online event on the Catalyst 2030 website (Registration required to view sessions).

Luiza Saraiva – Manager of the Together for Health Program

Carla Reis – Head of the BNDES Industrial Complex and Health Services Department
João Abreu – Executive Director of ImpulsoGov
Maria Izabel Toro – Social Investment Manager at Grupo RD
Andreia – Intersectoral Coordination and Volunteering Manager at Vale

Guilherme Sylos – Prospecting and Partnerships Director at IDIS