Perspectives for Brazilian Philanthropy in 2023

‘Boldness’ emerges as a transversal element and opens the way for a more transformative, diverse, and inclusive philanthropy in the country


In its second edition, the publication Perspectives for Brazilian Philanthropy by IDIS – Institute for Development of Social Investment presents the current scenario, identifies inspiring actions, and points out ways for a more strategic and transformative private social investment, bringing together elements that contribute to decision making. At the background, resonances of the preview’s year, marked by polarized elections and the need for organizations and entities to come out publicly and demonstrate their commitment to democracy, in apparent check. Also, the worrying return of Brazil to the UN Hunger Map, the serious situation of indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazon, in addition to the record levels of deforestation.

The material, comments Paula Fabiani, CEO of IDIS, “presents examples of innovations, new methodologies and financing models, unexpected partnerships, significant changes, and new ways of doing differently (and better) what was already working”.

There are eight perspectives that has ‘boldness’ as a common element, reflecting and showing practical examples on how philanthropists and social investors can act in a strategic, effective, and agile way.


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Find out what these trends are:

1. The power (and necessity) of dialogue for building bridges
Solutions will be found in interaction, require collaboration, and contemplate multiple demands and points of view.

2. Far beyond responsibility: legacy
What companies are leaving for the next generations.

3. Diversification of financing models
More than ever, optimizing and contributing to the evolution of possible sources of financing is necessary to solve challenges.

4. The number is not the finishing line
Social Impact Assessment has been increasingly debated and sought after, but once the numbers are discovered, what is the next step?

5. Environmental and Social Agendas walking side by side
The interdependence between climate, forests and people.

6. Third Sector engaged in promoting public policies
Civil society organizations strengthens democracy and accelerate systemic change.

7. Strengthening civil society organizations: trust, governance and transparency
The relevance of CSOs grow as the population’s confidence in its achievements evolves.

8. Family Philanthropy shows its face
Individuals and families make public commitments about their donation practices.